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What are Skin/Chemical Peels?

Skin/Chemical peels are medical grade skin exfoliating treatments that help rejuvenate the skins surface. They create an even and controlled shedding of several layers of skin cells. This allows new layers to be exposed, creating a fresh appearance to the skin surface. In addition, new cells and collagen are stimulated, creating a more even skin tone.

Are the peel products safe to use?

Skin peels have been available for over 78 years and has been safely used by hundreds of thousands of men and women with excellent, measurable results. The treatment will not penetrate below the epidermis so does not cause breaking or blistering of the skin. However, as with all skin care treatments, there is the possibility of reacting to some of the ingredients in the Skin Peel. Very rarely will a client have an allergic reaction to the chemical peels.

NorthWest Medica exclusively uses AlumierMD for skin Peeling treatments. To learn more about what makes AlumierMD unique and a trusted name in esthetic medicine please visit the link below.

You should not have a chemical peel if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are currently using Accutane or other dermatological drugs.
  • You are using Retin-A, which should be discontinued about 30 days before peeling is administered.
  • You have extremely thin or translucent skin.
  • You have a history of fever blisters or herpes simplex which can be stimulated by a chemical peel.
  • You have a history of medical problems. (e.g. eczema, seborrhea, and extremely sensitive or hyper-allergic skin).

How much will I improve my appearance?

You should see an improvement in your skins appearance with a Peel treatment. This works to remove some of the thickened outer skin, which contains scaly cell build-up, dirt, and cellular debris. When the damaged, aged skin peels away a clearer, smoother new skin is revealed. A maximum strength peel provides the deepest peeling. Most people achieve the desired results with a light Peel or Maximum peel treatment. The ideal candidate for a chemical Peel is someone who is looking for improvement rather than perfection.

Skin Peels will:

  • Noticeably improve the skin’s texture
  • Even the colouring
  • Help to remove hyper-pigmentation
  • Help improve fine lines and rough textures
  • Help repair sun damaged skin
  • Help remove acne scarring and blemishes

Skin Peels will not:

  • Remove deep wrinkles
  • Remove pitted scarring or acne pocks
  • Take the place of a facelift by causing a lifting effect on the skin

I have sensitive skin, so will I have any problems using the peel?

Not usually. We specially formulate the peel ingredients and strength to your skin type. Those allergic to aspirin or resorcinol should not use this product.

How long will the results last?

A Skin Peel does not stop the aging process. It will, however, create a fresher tone and healthier appearance to the skin. For severe problems, the stronger treatments are recommended. But even those can be repeated as often as necessary to improve one’s appearance.

What is the relationship between a skin peel and collagen?

The collagen that is present in the face is lying dormant. When you have a skin peel you increase, excite and stimulate the flow of collagen that is present. This helps to bring about a more youthful looking complexion. Also, the increase in the flow of collagen will help to improve the appearance of fine lines on the nose and face.

Can anyone have a Skin Peel?

Yes. Men and women of all ages and skin colour (fair to black) can enjoy a fresher, clearer, younger-looking complexion with a Skin Peel. The treatment will not make the user lighter or darker than they naturally are, but will help to return the skin to its natural tone and texture. In addition to beautifying your complexion, a Skin Peel will also help improve most skin problems from minor brown spots to sun damaged skin and acne.

Is the peeling treatment painful?

There will be a hot stinging sensation lasting for 5-10 minutes after the peeling formula is applied. It is recommended to relax and fanning the face will help to relieve any discomfort felt.

During the peeling process are there blisters?

It has been our experience that the application of our product has never caused the skin to break because it has never peeled beyond the epidermis (top layers) of the skin. Nor does it cause bleeding so there are no scabs or blisters. The dead skin will gently peel away from the new skin without discomfort.

How do I care for my skin after a Skin Peel?

To maintain the results of your skin peel and for further complexion improvement and skin care, an aftercare plan unique for use on your new skin will be discussed. We can recommend suitable products for use on all skin types.

How long does it take for the procedure to be done?

The procedure will take about 15min-30min, you will be asked to keep your face clean for the remaining of the day and can go about normal activities.

If you would like book you one on one consultation and discuss how chemical peels can improve your skin please email us at or fill out the contact form below.

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